Schedule for new material on the jpoc web site

There actually is a formal schedule for adding new material to the site but, as I do not always meet it, I will not make a rod for my own back by publishing it here. It's a secret.

In general though, I aim to average two new pages each day. That is quite hard for a webmaster who already has a full time job and a family but I'm happy enough to get up at five a.m. just so that I can upload a couple of new pages for you to read.

I try to update all areas of the site on a regular basis and over the course of a week, I'd aim to add for example reviews of two books, two CDs and two movies but these are not firm promises I'm afraid.

The most important thing to remember is that there is a datestamped, what's new page and you can keep an eye on things in there.

If I fix a typo or tidy up a page layout, I will not mention it on the what's new page but if I update something with new content such that you might actually want to know about the change then I will note the update in the what's new page. (In case you are counting, I will not count that towards the two pages a day taget.)

If I am ever able to give up working for a living then I will increase the rate at which I add new material here and also I will then try to keep to a published schedule.

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