Tricks that agencies play. The jpoc guide to postal relationships with women from russia and other eastern european nations.

Many agencies offering introductions to women from the former Soviet Union are honest businesses. However, some are not. Here, I want to prepare you by giving you details of a few of the tricks that you might encounter. I hope that you will never have anyone try to pull these tricks on you but, if you are aware of them, at least you are better prepared to avoid being ripped off. Everything that I list here has been well documented as having happened.

So, without further ado, here are some of the tricks of a tricky trade.

Serious overcharging.
If a man is willing to pay a eighty dollars to have one red rose delivered, you can be sure that somebody will offer such a service. I accept that not everyone will think that this is a dishonest practice but I don't like it.

Giving misleading advice that leads to increased business.
If an agency gives advice on matters of travel, visas or accommodation, it will often take the opportunity to structure that advice so that the client is pressured into using some additional service from the agency. For example, suppose that an agency tells you that you will need an official invitation in order to receive a visa. Of course, they will the offer to sell you such an invitation. Apart from the dubious legality of that, you may find that you do not actually need an invitation in the first place.

Distorting the description of a woman.
If an agency is selling addresses, then it is in their interest to maximise the number of times that a profile is purchased. Some address sellers list the number of times that a woman's address has been purchased. If you believe that these figures are always true then you are asking to be ripped off. Sometimes, an agency will adjust the written profile of a woman in order to make her more appealing to men. Perhaps she is 23 years old and is interested only in men aged below 30 years. Knowing that this will rule out the majority of men who might purchase her address, the agency amends this to say, up to 40 years old. Other tricks, such as forgetting to mention the presence of children are also common.

Stealing women.
This is perhaps the most common cause of dispute between agencies. A new agency is setting itself up and wants to get some profiles on it's books in order to hit the ground running. So, where do they get all of the profiles, photos etc? Easy, just steal them from other agencies listings.

Advertise women who are not interested in meeting anyone.
Now, this is not the same as inventing fictitious women. Often, the photo and profile are accurate and the address sold is valid but the woman never asked to be listed in a marriage agency. A few years ago an organisation started itself up as a modelling agency and quickly collected the details of large numbers of women. There women were then posted on the marriage agency site run by the same organisation.

Invent entirely fictitious women.
This a very easy scam to run. Just harvest a thousand photos from the internet and generate an imaginary profile and post it to your marriage agency site. The address sold can safely be a valid address but entirely unconnected with the profile. Who ever receives the letters that result is likely to throw them away anyway.

Inventing bogus correspondence.
I think that this is one of the nastiest tricks of all. Not only do you steal money from a man who wants to meet a woman, you then set out to trick him into believing that he has found his sweetheart. This con is normally run to boost income from translation or letter forwarding services. Sometimes it an be used as a starting point for a ploy whereby a man is then asked to provide financial support to his virtual sweetheart.

OK, those are all of the tricks that I have heard about over the last three years. Doubtless, there are more and doubtless too, new ones will soon be invented. The point is to always remember that these tricks are real, they have been used in the past and they will surely be used in the future. Ihope that this page has helped you to be on your guard.

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