Is this thing for real?

The jpoc guide to postal relationships with women from russia and other eastern european nations.

The short answer is yes.

To flesh this out a little more:

I cannot quote statistics because not every Western country publishes the necessary information but there is a lot of information available that indicates that a substantial number of men and women are meeting and marrying over the Internet.

The Russian Women mailing List carries a large volume of traffic and there are regular announcements of the arrival in the West of a fiancee or of marriages, wedding anniversaries and births.

In the US, the Immigration and Naturalisation Service has made a statement on its position in this area. They have accepted that the internet marriage agency phenomenon is basically a legitimate way for people to meet and get married.

In the UK, Consular officials responsible for evaluating applications for fiancee visas have been instructed that meeting over the Internet should be seen as a reason to rule against visa applications. Now, at first site that might be seen as bad news for Brits and as an indication that the British government is still prejudiced against technology and foreigners but there is another side to this. It suggests that the phenomenon is sufficiently common that even the old fogies and bigots who run the UK have noticed.

Besides my wife I know three other women who have met and married men from the West after they used an agency in St.Petersburg. I am in email contact with many others.

To conclude, yes, this is a legitimate and for many couples a successful way to meet.

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