Taking a child out of Russia. The Father has rights too!
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You may not like this idea, you may feel the the child's natural father is a dead beat dad. The child's father may have shown little or no interest in the child and may not have offered any support to the child. But that does not get away from the basic point. The father does have rights and is allowed to have a say in the child's fate.

Western men often feel that the father of their fiancee's child is just trying to make trouble if he objects to the child leaving the country. That is not necessarily the case. It is not unreasonable for a man to feel that it is in the best interest of his children to be brought up by their mother in their own country. He may well not want his child to grow up in a foreign land, on the other side of the world never learning to read and write it's mother tongue.

There was a recent case involving a number of children from Rwanda who had been adopted in Italy. In the early-mid nineties, there was a terrible civil war in Rwanda. The majority Hutu population tried to eliminate the minority Tutsi group. About three quarters of a million people were killed in the resulting genocide. A number of Tutsi children were rescued from the country and given sanctuary in other countries. A number of these children, who had been living in an orphanage, were adopted in Italy.

When peace returned to Rwanda and the process of reuniting families was under way, these children were returned. In one case that gained some publicity, a father who had sent his daughter to an orphanage successfully applied to have the girl returned from her adopted family in Italy and sent back to the same orphanage. Now, I do not mention this to comment on the rights and wrongs of one case but to illustrate that, if the father of your future stepchild objects, it can be very difficult indeed to bring the child out of its homeland.

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