Is there such a thing as a fiancee or fiance visa in Germany?

You often hear, from lawyers and officials that "There is no such thing as a fiancee or fiance visa in Germany." Well, that sounds quite straightforward but, it is at best misleading and some would say that it is simply wrong.

When people say this, they are not lying but, there is a big misunderstanding about the actual meaning of the phrase "fiancee visa."

People often take this term to mean a visa that allows a fiancee to enter a country and live with their betrothed for some period of time before they make a decision on marrying. Indeed, that is the way in which many people actually use this type of visa. But, I do not believe that any legislature in the western world intended that to be the main purpose of this visa. Your fiancee is the person whom you have already chosen to marry. We are not discussing "boyfriend/ girlfriend visas" here!

Now, having said that, it is most certainly possible for a person legally resident in Germany to obtain permission for a person from, for example, Russia to enter Germany for the purpose of marriage. I have done this and I know several others who have also done this. You do not have to be a German citizen but, I do not know of anyone who was not at least a citizen of an EEA nation who has done this.

The procedure is complex and takes a considerable time. Also, it is not cheap. I paid almost two thousand German Marks for the papers that I needed and that does not count the time that I had to take off work to go travelling around assorted consulates and other offices.

Please look here for a description of the actual process.

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