Women from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe

If you are here, you probably know that I recently married a woman from the Russian city of St.Petersburg.

I do not intend to tell my story here or to post details of other women from Russia who wish to contact men from the West.

Rather, I am posting a few pages of advice and information on the practicalities that are involved in such a relationship.

As a result of some of my postings on the RWL, I have been asked to write about some of my experiences in the matter of visas etc and that is what I intend to use these pages for. While the first batch of information was specific to Germany, I am now adding information of a more general nature.

The information here should help you to bring your fiancee into Germany and then to marry her.

These pages will be a continuous work in progress so check back every so often. I've done the promised page on jobs to be done after the marriage and also, if you are looking here, you might be interested in my pages about living and working in Germany. See the link below for that!

The next addition here will be some material on the subject of learning English.

If you have any comments or questions, just email me.


Red Tape in Europe
German Tourist Visa How to get a German Tourist Visa for a Russian woman.
German Fiancee Visas Is there such a thing as a German Fiancee Visa?
German Marriage Rules How to marry in Germany
German Fiancee Invitation How to bring your fiancee into Germany
After Marriage Jobs to be done after the big day
Schengen All about Schengen visas
Freedom Freedom of movement in Western Europe
Toender Fast marriages in Europe
Right of Residence Your wife's right of permanent residence in the EU
Right of Return The EU protects your rights when you return home with your new dependants.
Poland Does a Ukraine national need a visa for Poland?
Letter writing
Your first letter How to write a good first letter.
Addressing Letters Cyrillic or Latin Script?
IRCs All about International Reply Coupons
Cash in the post It's illegal!
Time for Post How long does it take the post to arrive?
Gifts in the post Some notes about sending gifts in the post.
What to send? Now that you know how to send things, what should you choose to send to your sweetie?
Response rates What proportion of the women to whom you write will reply?
Writing style Advice on writing to non-native English speakers
Other topics
Agencies Something about the agencies in the process.
Sending Money All of the different ways to send money to Russia and similar countries
Schiphol Flight transfers in mainland Europe's biggest hub
Danger! Is Russia a dangerous place to visit?
Must you go? Is it necessary to visit Russia?
Is it real? Is the whole Russian Women thing a myth or reality?
Are they different? Are Russian Women somehow not like Western women?
Tricks and scams
Agency Tricks Some notes on the tricks and scams run by some agencies.
Women's Tricks Some notes on the tricks and scams tried by some women.
When there are children as well
Taking a child What if your fiancee has a child who will come too?
Fathers The child's natural father has rights too.
My other links
Home Back to my home page
Reviews See what I read, listen to etc
Germany All about living and working in Germany
Mixed Matches by Joel Crohn A review of a book on the subject of cross cultural relationships
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