Does a Ukraine national need a visa for Poland? The jpoc guide to relationships with women from russia and other eastern european nations.

In the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Poland and Ukraine negotiated a visa free travel regime for each other's nationals.

As Poland emerged as a fast track candidate for EU membership, it came under pressure from Brussels to move all of its laws and practices into line with EU norms.

That meant preparing for membership of the Schengen zone and, as part of those preparations, Poland imposed visa requirements on Ukraine citizens which were broadly in line with the Schengen practices.

This caused a great outcry from the people of both countries and Warsaw came under strong diplomatic pressure from Kiev. As a result, the visa regime was scrapped and the situation returned to the status quo ante.

Of course, Brussels responded with pressure of its own and made clear to Warsaw that Poland must have a demonstably effective border control in place before it could be allowed to join the EU.

That means that the border control, with visa requirements, must be reimposed some considerable time before Poland joins the EU.

Currently, the favoured date for accession is some time in 2003 so that Poland can participate in the 2004 EU parliament elections as a full member.

That means that, at some time well before 2003, Poland will have to reimpose Schengen style visa restrictions on Ukraine nationals. That does not mean that they will issue Schengen visas, just that a citizen of Ukraine will need to pass through the same procedures and checks to get a visa for Poland as they would to get a Schengen visa.

The exact date on which this will happen is unclear but it will happen soon, perhaps with very little warning.

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