Putting Money in the Post

Men corresponding with women in distant countries often send money to them in the post. All kinds of ingenious schemes are used to hide banknotes in books, framed photographs, women's magazines etc.

The most simple thing to say about this is that it is illegal to send money in the post in most countries of the world. The reason is to protect the personnel working in postal services and to protect the post itself.

Consider the lot of the postman. Often wandering around deserted streets early in the morning. If just one letter in five hundred contained cash, then mugging postmen for their mailbags would be a way to make a living. Yes, I know that other valuables are sent legitimately in the post but it is a lot harder to do something with an expensive wristwatch than to go and spend a couple of crisp hundred dollar bills.

The law also protects postal staff from false allegations of theft and it helps to protect the security of the post itself.

Now, the offense of sending money in the post is not like the offense of stealing cars or breaking into a house. Any burglary is bad and to be prevented if at all possible. However, sending money in the post is only a problem if enough people do it to encourage crimes based on the expectation that there will be money in the mail. Also, merely having the law also saves postal workers from false accusations of theft.

There are so many better ways of sending money that I fail to understand why anyone would firstly break the law and secondly cause their fiancee to enter into a criminal conspiracy to break the law.

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