What propotion of the women to whom you write will reply? The jpoc guide to postal relationships with women from russia and other eastern european nations.

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on your letter and the women to whom you write. However, it is possible to say some rather more useful things that just this.

Personal experience, reading the RWL and discussions with Russian women who are involved on their side of the letter writing process suggests to me that, if your personal details match those requested by the woman and your letter makes you sound like a human being then every woman who receives your letter and who is available will reply. In practive, that means about fifty or sixty percent.

Now, if you think about it, that suggests that up to half of the addresses that you might buy are no good. This is hardly surprising. Some women are not serious. They were only listed as a joke or reluctantly on the prompting of friends. Others have given up after being listed for so long without getting any letters. Others are already spoken for. Perhaps married or engaged or perhaps just writing very seriously to one or two men. Others will just have moved away. It's tough but it happens and there is probably little that you, or even the agencies, can do about this.

Of course, some men get much higher or much lower response rates than this. In the former case, I would guess that this is down to good luck in that they hit on a supply of fresh addresses. It can happen if one of the smaller agencies posts a bunch of fresh addresses and you are in the first wave of letters that they receive. The ones who get a poor response either write very bad letters of choose women forty years their junior regardless of the stipulation of the women.

There is one other reason that might cause you to get a poor response despite sending a good letter to a woman who would otherwise write to you. Many women go to the agencies in small groups. If you are sufficiently unlucky that you write similar letters to three women all of whom are comparing the letters that they receive then it is possible that they will have a good laugh and decide that none of them will reply.

Now, you can read my guidelines on how to write a good first letter.

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