What is this "typical Russian woman" that I hear about?

The jpoc guide to postal relationships with women from russia and other eastern european nations.

Agencies will often try to sell you on the idea that a Russian woman is in some way special and not like other women. Sometimes they even have a web page on which they describe the ways in which Russian women are different to other women. Men then get worried that, somehow, these women can stop being Russian after a few years in the West and that they will no longer be so special.

Personally, I don't subscribe to this idea at all. While there are certainly differences in customs and attitudes across the world, basically, people are people wherever they come from and there are good and bad people everywhere.

However, the story does not end there. What is true is that many men find that there is a difference between the available women in their own country and the available women in states of the former Soviet Union. It is quite easy to see how this comes about.

According to the occasional polls that are run on the internet, most men who are following this route to find a woman are aged in their late thirties or forties. Now, a man of this age in the US or Western Europe is most likely to be interested in dating a woman aged in her thirties or early forties. Now, I know a lot of women in that age range in the UK and Western Europe and lots of them a very nice friendly attractive women who are happily married to my friends. Many unpartnered men & women in this age range are so because they choose to be or because they have difficulty with long term relationships. Hence the often heard call that there are no good, available men or women.

Thing are often very different when a man aged, say, forty starts to look for a woman in Russia. For a start, rather than a woman in her thirties he finds that he is scanning profiles of women in the mid to late twenties. Now, there is a big difference right away in that many more people in this age group are unattached so the chances of meeting a good woman are better right away. Further, it is a sad fact that adult women outnumber adult men in Russia. The actual percentage is not that great but when you have a population of over one hundred million, even a small percentage is significant. The reason is simply the higher mortality rates of men in Russia. When a nation fights a war, its men are far more likely to die than its women. Also, the turmoil since the fall of communism has seen high mortality rates among Russian men of all ages.

So, there you have it, it all comes down to numbers.

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