I wasted my money.

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One out of ten.

Not a wise buy.

My Review

I can't say a lot about this beast but, what I can say, is worth knowing.

I bought a K6 CPU (266MHz) for use in a motherboard that was being sold off at a good price by a shop in Munich. I paid DeM169 for the chip which was a good price at the time.

I was happy that all should be OK as the motherboard documents specifically said that the chip was supported. I set the jumpers according to the settings in the book, double checked everything, plugged in the power supply and off we went.

Nothing happened.There was no sign of life at all. It really appeared as though the CPU was not doing anything. Gingerly, I touched the CPU heat sink. I was afraid that, if something was wrong, it might be very hot indeed but but was not even warm. Perhaps the heat sink was at fault? Ichecked the chip itself and it too was still at room temperature.

Of course, I took everything apart again and rechecked the jumpers and all of the connections and turned on the power again. No joy. This time, just to see, I ran the CPU without a heatsink and again, it did not even get warm. Clearly, it was not running CPU cycles.

My next course was to contact to tech support people for the motherboard and also those at AMD. AMD had an auto responder that merely sent out an FAQ and at the bottom of the FAQ, there was a message to the effect that, if the FAQ did not answer my problem, I should email another address. I did that and after two weeks I received an email that purported to come from a real person. However, this email just advised that I should try to use some thermal paste between the CPUand the heatsink. Now, clearly, if this email had been written by a real person, they had not read my email. More likely is that it was just another automated reply falsely claiming to be a real person. I never received a reply to my follow up questions.

The motherboard vendor on the other hand could not have been more helpful. They confirmed that the board was designed for the CPU and that the settings in the manual were correct for a chip with the designation that I had.

As luck would have it, another shop in Ulm where I was living at the time suddenly came up with a special offer on Intel Pentium chips at a good price. I bought one just to see if I could isolate the problem. I put the Intel chip in the motherboard adjusted the settings to suit and whoosh, off it went first time. No problems.

Well, given that I was now sure that the motherboard was OK and that there was a problem with the chip, I tried to see if AMD or the shop would give me my money back or offer a replacement. AMD never replied and the owner of the shop told me to go away and leave her alone.

The lesson is clear. Only buy an AMD chip with money that you can afford to waste in the event that the chip has a fault. Nobody will stand behind the product!

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