August the seventh 2000: two weddings the jpoc journal

There were two weddings on Friday this week!

My colleague Stefan from work married his fiancee Sigrid in a normal German-German marriage in Paderborn. A greater challenge was for my British friend Paul also working in Paderborn to marry his Czech fiancee Carolina in Toender in Denmark with a little help from the guide on this web site!

They had quite a run around. Not with the wedding itself which went smoothly but sorting out all of the paperwork afterwards. While the Czech authorities recognised the marriage, they did not recognise the bride's change of name until a Czech marriage certificate was issued. That involved trips to Prague and Brno which at least kept everyone busy!

While I am sure that their weddings were more important to my friends, of more interest to me was Maria's return from her trip to Russia. I had to drive down to Frankfurt to collect her. My drive went well and Iarrived earlier than I expected. That was just as well as her flight also arrived earlier! As it was, I just had the time to go to the aviation bookshop and read one book and buy another.

In Maria's absence, I got busy with my scanner and I have begun to add some of the missing images to the site. It will take a while to do them all but Ihope to be done in a couple of weeks.

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