August the twenty-eighth 2000: Carpets and restaurants the jpoc journal

We tried a new restaurant for lunch. It was a Turkish restaurant just across the road from the Sala Thai. There will of course be a review of it soon.

I spent most of Saturday laying a carpet in Andrei's room. We decided to take a pot luck approach to the carpet and went off to the local shop to see what they had in their off-cuts section. We found a piece that would do for Andrei's room and so we bought that. It almost fitted in the car but I had to drive back with it sticking out of the hatchback and the hatchback was tied down with string.

The worst part was getting that carpet underneath the bed. Andrei has a high bed with a wardrobe and desk underneath. It is very large and weighs a lot and it was not an easy task. But we managed in the end just in time to go off to our favourite restaurant in Paderborn.

Of course, that is the Alt Pader and we went there to celebrate a friend's birthday. We had a great time, wonderful food and a bottle of exquisite Chateauneuf du Pape.

I've been busy on the website this week. After considerable investigation, I have decided that I will maximise my chances of selling advertising space if I am not on a free site. That needed a lot of planning to decide on a migration strategy. I don't want to break anyone's bookmarks or any search engine indices but I think that I have worked out the solution.

I have created a new domain at and paid for some webspace and bandwidth on that domain. I will set up the old or tripod site with no extra ads and just the webstats ad button. Perhaps I'll be able to attract somebody like bullex to pay to run ads there while I complete the migration.

I wandered off to the computer fair on Sunday and came back with a whole load of junk. Rather than list it all right now, I'll wait until I actually get around to using it.

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