September the eleventh 2000: A long coach ride the jpoc journal

Well, I went to England again at the weekend and, for the first and I hope last time, I travelled by coach. The reason for doing this was that I had a lot of things to bring back from England. The last time that I went back, I was firmly expecting to be leaving Germany and relocating to the UK within a few weeks. So, to help things along, I took a whole load of clothes and other things with me and left them in the UK.

Now, each time that I travel to the UK I normally go out with about three kilos of luggage, that being a change of clothes and an otherwise empty suitcase. When I come back, having bought a selection of books, films etc, I am generally up to the 20 kilo baggage limit. I figured that it could take me six months to bring everything back without going over the luggage limit so I'd go one time by coach and bring back everything in one go.

It was a tough journey and all that I can say is that I do not recommend it to anyone. We did at least escape the worst of the French petrol protests and only had to make a small detour because the main entrance to the tunnel was blocked. I picked up a few books in the UK and also, I finally got hold of a copy of the much anticipated new CD "Endangered Species" by Man.

My last grip about the coach is that the booking system, terms and conditions and my ticket all said that I could take two average sized suitcases. At London, I was told that this was not so and I had to pay a penalty for having two bags. Of course, there was little that I could do. I needed to get back to Germany and I couldn't just leave a bag in the coach station at Victoria but really it seems to me that the phrase "bunch of dishonest crooks" is a fair way to describe Do not give them your business.

I just had time to watch the Monza GP with the boys. We enjoyed the race but were sad about the marshall who was killed. Personally I do not see why the TV crews and producer felt the need to focus on a medic giving cardiac massage to a dying man. This sees to be a particular problem in Italy and I may well decide to miss watching the coverage of the Italian races in the future.

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