September the eighteenth 2000: Wardrobes the jpoc journal

All that I can remember this week is that I spent all of my free time buying and building an implausibly large number of wardrobes. We went to Roller which is a slightly down market Ikea clone and we bought three wardrobes. One double sized one with a mirror on the front for Maria and two smaller ones for me.

Like all furniture that I have it came flat packed in cardboard boxes and so I had to tote them home in the little old Honda and then drag them upstairs and start to screw them together. After lots of juggling with bits of wood and screws, it somehow all seemed to go together and we managed a fairly rapid migration process moving the clothes from the old to the new wardrobes.

I did just about manage to find some time to do some work on the website and the like but mostly, it was just wardrobes.

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