September the twentyfifth 2000: Birthday but no circus the jpoc journal

Although her birthday was later in the week, we made this weekend a celebration for Maria's birthday.

I spent all of Saturday looking for presents and cooking an enormous meal. On Sunday, we managed a trip to our favourite cafe at lunchtime but I goofed up and we missed out on the circus.

On Sunday, I watched Schumi winning in the US GP and it now really looks as though the championship is over. I am not a fan of his nor of his team but, I like F1 a lot and I think that it is very good for the sport the Ferrari will finally get the driver's title.

The web site migration continues, of course, I understand that it will be long job so I hope that it will be worthwhile and will lead to some real results.

In a moment of indulgence, I bought a sound card for the PC that I'm using for most work at the moment and I played doom for the first time in several years. It was just as much fun as ever and it is a great way to lose the stress of a day at work. Sometimes Andrei tries to watch and calls out well done every time that I blow something up. That can be a little distracting.

We're not sure when Maria will next go to St.Petersburg but it seems that she will soon have nobody left to visit there. Two of her friends have left and are now married to men from various parts of Europe.

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