October the second 2000: A birthday and a trip to France the jpoc journal

This week saw us off to the Sala Thai for dinner to celebrate Maria's birthday. Once again the food was fine but also the service was still slow.

I hit a nasty glitch with one of the PCs this week. Like most folk who are always tinkering with their hardware, I normally do not have lids on my PCs. I decided to be Mr Tidy and put the lid onto the computer that I normally use for web site development. As soon s I did that, it fell off the network. After a lot of messing about, I discovered that the case was slightly bent and as a result, when the lid was tightened, the Ethernet card was lifted out of the slot! Take the lid off again and the case would flex back and ease the card back into it's slot! The solution was to dismantle down to bare metalwork and bend everything back into shape.

I got myself well and truly confused this week. I had quite forgotten that it was a holiday weekend in Germany so at the last minute, I blagged a rental car and sped off to France. Lunch in a new (to me) restaurant in Guingamp, buying some wine and suchlike kept me busy for a couple of days. It was all very relaxing.

I discovered that the plastic card for my shiny new German bank account doesn't work in France despite the fact that it has the same (Maestro) logo as the cash machines. So much for globalisation.

For a couple of days, the new website domain got more hits that the old one but that's just a blip for now but it's encouraging.

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