October the ninth 2000: New coat, CD and socks. the jpoc journal

We bought a new coat for Maria this weekend. It is long, black and soft leather and it looks lovely. Hmmm, so now Maria owns more long black coats than I own yellow leather jackets. That's an awful lot of long black coats!

Also, I bought a CD from Sound and Vision in Paderborn. It's "Across the Water" by Bernard Allison. It's a great CD and I'll post a review soon. I bought it because I heard one track on the radio. I've not done that for a long time. The track was "I just came back to say goodbye" and I heard if on Dave Raven's blues show of BFBS2. It's a great song and while it is the best on the CD, the rest does not disappoint.

The socks? Well, they're not the sort that you wear. I installed a socks server on the old IBM notebook that we use to connect to the net. It auto dials when you try to do a DNS lookup from another machine on the LAN and then the socks protocol takes over and does the rest. That means that any of the machines on the LAN can surf the net. That should boost the phone bill!

As part of the socks installation I had to upgrade the OS on the notebook. It now has W95 SP1 and DUN 1.3 and the internet connect is noticeably faster.

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