October the twentythird 2000: Goodbye to the old Honda. The jpoc journal

I made it to the UK for the last F1 race of the year. I drove the old Honda back to get rid of it as it is no use to me in Germany. As usually happens when I do this, I arrived in Cambridge at 4:00 on Saturday morning and was, as a result, wasted for most of the weekend.

One unpleasant incident on the journey was the grilling and search that I had to endure at the expense of the customs and immigration jobsworths at Dover. I hope that this was just a coincidence and not in any way related to my complaints about their treatment of my wife's visa application.

I went up to town for a short while and found a book sale. I bought a few books there and also at Heffer's. I picked up a whole load of videos from HMV. Ranging from Saving Private Ryan to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Also, I bought another REM cd (new adventures in hifi) from Parrott records.

I tried to install FS98 on Chris's PC but after I had deleted loads of junk to make room, it ran so slowly as to be unusable.

I watched the race with my boys and then returned on a Ryan Air flight. The flight was OK but then I had a long trip back. we were on the ground in Frankfurt at 15:15 but I did not arrive home until half past nine!

On arriving home, I found that my flat rate subscription package from telekom had arrived so I will install that next week and report back.

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