October the thirtieth 2000: We found a new place to live! The jpoc journal

Our quest for a new apartment continues and the good news is that we have finally found one! After all of the wandering around looking at places that we had seen advertised, I finally had a good idea. A long time ago, I had seen a new building that had just been completed. Outside, there was a sign advertising that there were apartments to let. Now it was a long time before but I figured that it might take a while to rent a whole building and so we wandered around and sure enough, the rental sign was still outside so I called the number on the sign and arranged to see the owner of the building the next day.

It's a cross between an apartment building and a gated community with a private garden complete with pond and water feature. Right in the centre of town and just what we wanted so we agreed to take it on the spot. We will rent it from the first of December which will give us a month to do the move.

We are still waiting for the car but it appears that all of the papers are in hand and so it should just be a day or so before all is ready.

Andrei went to his friend's birthday party this weekend which was fun for everyone and no doubt the usual chaos of any children's birthday party.

I'm happy with the D-Telekom flat rate internet service. Not only does it work but the freephone tech support is great! The documentation that comes with the user kit assumes that you have a simple set up of one PC, one modem and a German version of windows. Of course, I have a LAN with a firewall, POP and Socks servers etc. So, I could not just use the standard CD and I needed info about dial up numbers, DNS servers etc. I called the free number and was connected to an English speaking operator. I explained what I needed and he just reeled off everything right away. It's so nice to find a support line where they understand that you are not necessarily stupid and can answer non trivial questions.

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