November the sixth 2000: The car is here. The jpoc journal

Well, the main news this week is that I finally got the car. It's great, and I'm happy. Just to recap, it's a 1989 Toyota Celica just like the one that I bought eleven and a half years ago in England. I filled it up with petrol and went off for a short blast. I have to use it each day for work right now as I do not have a place to park it by our apartment during the day. It's OK in the evening though.

I've discovered a few DPO foibles already. The weirdest is the non-standard dipstick which appears to have a thermo couple on it to show the temperature of the oil in the sump. I'd rather have a proper dipstick which will tell me how much oil I have in the sump.

We signed all of the contracts for the new apartment this week. I had a lot of help over the contracts from my German estate agent friend Iris. As well as signing the contracts, we agreed what colour carpets we will have. Beige in the bedrooms and Cambridge Blue in the big room.

We sneaked into the apartment and saw the new carpets and measured things up for a kitchen. Hmmm, looks like jpoc is going to learn how to install a kitchen.

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