November the thirteenth 2000: Not finding a kitchen. The jpoc journal

Well, having found our new apartment, we needed to start making plans to get everything in and sorted out. The first job was a kitchen. We went off to Roller and started to have a look at everything that they had to offer. We couldn't agree on anything though so we had to extend the search.

One thing that I did find though was the dipstick for the car. You will remember that the DPO had fitted some sort of oil temperature sender that involves a replacement dipstick that is not actually capable of measuring the quantity of oil in the sump. Well, at least I can now check that by exchanging the dipsticks.

One hard disk failed in my main computer but it was not a great tragedy. It was just a standard 1G unit and I had another one handy so I just popped that in and was back up and running with no real problems.

I have noticed one side effect of the elections in the US. My web site traffic has dipped! I understand that any site on the web which is related to elections, voting machines or chad is seeing a lot more traffic as everyone searches there. Even the church of St.Chad is doing well. I hope that things will be back to normal soon.

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