November the twentieth 2000: The furniture hunt. The jpoc journal

The main event of the week was the continuation of our hunt for things for the new apartment. Having failed to find a complete kitchen that we like and that we can afford, we decided to think about a temporary set up with some separate items. So, off we went to look for a fridge first of all.

We tried Mediamarkt and then, at the suggestion of a friend at work, we looked at Quelle. I have bought things from there in the past and been happy with what I got. In particular, I have a laser printer that has given good service for the last two years.

Quelle had a number of fridges that we liked and then we wandered into the shop next door which was a huge furniture warehouse. Hmmm, we could easily have spent several thousand marks on lots of nice furniture if we had it but if was fun to browse around anyway. We shall certainly be back there.

But despite all of that, we didn't actually see anything that we will definitely buy so there is a lot more to be done.

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