December the fourth 2000: We bought a kitchen. The jpoc journal

There is now some real progress to announce on the move. First of all, we have found a kitchen. A friend from work is also moving and he has a built in kitchen in his old apartment that he does not want in the new one and that he cannot leave in the old one. So, it is for sale and, as the price was right and the kitchen is OK, we agreed to buy it. So now I will need to dismantle it, take it to the new apartment and learn how to assemble and install it all. It has a built in electric cooker and fridge freezer so I'll have to sort out how to do those as well as the plumbing.

Also, we actually have started moving some things into the new apartment already. In the first weekend, I shifted four book cases, their contents and a few other bits and pieces.

I bought a pair of radio linked cordless speakers so that we can have music distributed around the apartment. They were on offer in the Plus for DeM99 which seemed like a good price. I'm using them at the moment along with my portable CD player and some other speakers from one of the computers so that I've got some music for while I am putting up the book cases and so on.

The web site migration is beginning to have an effect as the traffic to the new site builds up. I've not managed to sign a deal to sell ads yet and I note that one advertising site, Ad Pepper, was in the news this week as having financial woes and a crashing share price. Still, I expect that things will get better eventually. I'll be glad when the migration is done and I have sorted out an adequate deal on ads as I will then be able to concentrate on content for the site.

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