December the eleventh 2000: Moving the kitchen. The jpoc journal

The main task for this week was to dismantle and move the kitchen that we have bought. The process is complete but in the course of this, I discovered one problem with the new car. I arrived at my friend's apartment, loaded up a car full of kitchen and tried to drive away. The starter refused to turn! Hmmm, my old white Celica in England used to do just the same thing occasionally. The cure normally being to allow everything to cool down and try again.. This time, it was not possible because I was in a hurry so I had to blag a bump start which worked despite dire warnings about the cat exploding.

Of course, having dismantled the kitchen, it must all be put back together again. So far, I have managed to assemble all of the base units, screw them together and put them in place. Then, I installed the built in fridge-freezer, plugged it in and filled it with a crate of beer!

Because I was busy, Maria did all of the cooking this weekend. We had a dish based on aubergines on Saturday with some Claret and pasta with Italian wine on Saturday.

I was shocked to discover that the Plus has stopped selling beer and soft drinks in reusable containers. What is the world coming to? I suppose that they do have rather more small city centre shops and the extra space needed for returned bottles and crates must have hurt.

I saw an ad for a shop nearby town selling my two favourite beers (Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser) at great prices so I'll head over there soon. (That's real Czech Bud nothing to do with the US company)

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