December the eighteenth: The toilet erupts. The jpoc journal

Mostly of course, this week, we were continuing with the move. I bought some cable and a junction box from Praktiker and wired up the cooker. (It's three phase, careful John, don't kill yourself.) Then I celebrated with a pizza!

Also, by the end of the week, I had shifted all of my books and bookcases and assorted other things. That was just as well as on Friday, the toilet in our old apartment erupted. I discovered that there is one thing worse than having your toilet go like a volcano and spew your bodily waste back at your bathroom. It's when it erupts and spews your neighbour's waste over your bathroom.

Anyway, we decided to execute a rapid move to the new apartment and let the plumbers get on with the mess. So, despite the fact that most of the furniture is still in the old place, we have moved the people.

The phone line is still in the old place too so I am running the website from there for now.

Ah, the web site. Well, after a quiet period while we were getting on with the preparations for the move, I am back up to speed posting new material and migrating the pages from the old site. That latter activity is now bearing real concrete fruit as we are consistently getting more traffic on the new site than on the old one. I'm feeling very pleased about that.

I'm still no nearer the goal of making significant cash from ads on the site. Things are pretty slow in the online advertising field right now but I'm not beaten yet.

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