December the twentyfifth: Christmas. The jpoc journal

Well, after the emergency move last week, I had to make some rapid arrangements to make us comfortable in the new apartment. The kitchen was largely already done though we didn't have the sink or the wall cupboards ready. I brought the kitchen table and chairs together with some bedding material and other things so that life in the new apartment is not so harsh.

At least we could cook Chritmas dinner and sit around that table and eat it. As last year, I cooked a goose and it looks as though it will last us for quite a few days to come.

Deutsche Telekom wrote to us saying that they would disconnect the old phone line before Christmas and connect the new one up a week later. I spent two hours on the phone to them before they agreed that they would make the swap for both lines on the same day. That will be later this week so I hope that it all works out OK. I've got a week off work now so I think that there will be enough time to complete the move before the end of the year. I'm pretty good at moving house. I've done it, on average, every seven months for the last six and a half years so I have had plenty of practice.

I was proud that I managed to sneak Maria's Christmas present into the apartment in secret. Not bad since it was an exercise machine and it came in a large and heavy cardboard box!

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