January the first 2001: a new year the jpoc journal

Well, we finished the move.

There was much frantic activity in the last couple of days but we were out by the thirty first. just. Actually we were out at about one hour before midnight with everything finally sorted.

The new apartment is a complete mess with everything just dumped on the floor in the final panic so now the job of sorting it all out must start.

We almost missed the new year in Germany but we just about managed to catch it. We watched the fireworks from the window.

We got the telephone moved too. It all worked fine on the Wednesday after Christmas so I was able to move the phone and all of the computers. The most important one, that I use for looking after the website is already up and running.

Also, I finally managed to sign up for an advertising service that pays per impression. At least, they do as long as they have paid ads from their advertisers. When they do not, they show banner exchange ads which means that most of the time, all that I am earning is the display of my ad on other sites but it should accrue real money eventually.

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