January the twentysecond 2001: finished the kitchen the jpoc journal
We have finally finished the kitchen! All the cupboards that should be up on the wall are there they all have doors on them too! It is looking good and it seems that we are beginning to look as though we live here rather than that we are just camping out.

To celebrate this, Maria cooed us a really nice lamb roast. Mmm, yummy.

I managed to finish migrating all of the pages from the old tripod site to the new www.jpoc.net domain so I hope that the traffic will follow quickly. Especially as our main ad supplier has started to deliver ads that pay money.

While we had that piece of good news, there was also some bad news. The English shop in Paderborn is about to close. That is a real shame. Currently it's run by the YMCA as a service to the forces personnel in Paderborn but their operation is being transferred to the Church Army and they have decided that they do not wish to continue with the shop.

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