February the fifth 2001: Mr DIY nearly gets a shock the jpoc journal
My main job for the weekend was to go and buy the chosen cabinets and then to mount them on the wall. All went reasonably well apart from a couple of issues. There are holes in the wall from which emerge the cables for the cabinet lights. These holes are too high up the wall. It means that they cannot be covered up by the cabinets. If the cabinets were mounted high enough to cover the cable holes, you would not be able to look in their mirrors unless you were as tall as the developer who constructed the building. The other problem was with one of the two cabinets. It had been misassembled by the manufacturer. It was nothing serious as all that I had to do was to take it apart and reassemble. There lay the problem. Taking it apart involved removing one piece of plastic which was a very tight interference fit on the main part of the cabinet. I didn't break it but it was a tight fit and it had a very sharp corner which removed a strip of flesh from the palm of my hand. The strip was about 5mm wide, 2mm deep and six or seven cm long. That was very painful and bloody and I was left with a large and ungainly bandage over it all.

I had some more fun with my other piece of DIY. Back in September, I put up a set of temporary lights all over the apartment. Sunday's job was to install the lights for the kitchen and Andrei's bedroom which we had brought with us from the old apartment. Rather than the hassle of shutting off the mains, I just trusted the light switches and worked with the rest of the power turned on.

As I was up on a chair in the second bedroom, I managed to short the neutral and ground wires together. While there was never any danger, I did manage to trip the circuit breakers and all of a sudden, the whole apartment went very quiet. The main sound that disappeared has been coming from the had disk and fans on Maria's PC. I figured that trouble was heading my way and tat I would have about five seconds before it arrived. I jumped off the chair and lay down on my back. I clutched the wire cutters in my fist, closed my eyes and started twitching violently.

That was a jolly surprise for Maria and Andrei when they burst into the room. I spoiled the effect by laughing though and then had to try to stop laughing in order to apologise for scaring them. I didn't manage.

I've also signed up for the Amazon.com associates programme. It is clear that advertising lone is not going to make enough money to make the site pay its way for quite some time. According to the FT, almost one third of all consumer sales on the net go through affiliate programmes such as the Amazon one. I'll give it about six months to see if it is any good for me.

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