Anna and the King Jodie Foster, Yun-Fat Chow, Ling Bai, Tom Felton: Andy Tennant (director) a jpoc movie review

The Sound of Music, without the songs.

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Five out of ten.

The film is OK but it is not destined to become a classic.

My review

It's a mistake to think of this film as a remake of "The King and I" better to remember that both films are based loosely on the same original source. This film does not attempt to stick slavishly to the truth which is not necessarily a bad thing as this is supposed to be entertainment and not documentary.

The film is set in late 19th century Thailand and tells the tale of Anna (Foster) and King Mongkut (Chow). The King employs Anna to act as a tutor to the younger members of his vast family. The films centres around people coming to terms with new things. Anna is confronted by Thailand and the King's court and family. The members of those two groups have to find a way to deal with Anna and finally of course Anna and the King must come to terms with each other.

All of this coming to terms takes place amidst the gorgeous setting of 19th century Thailand and is intertwined with many palace intrigues.

The setting makes the film great to watch and the majority of the movie is well paced and slickly put together. Watching the film, I got the idea that the director must have been a big fan of the film "The Sound of Music" it has much the same feel.

The acting is good especially considering the difficulty of portraying characters in costume dramas.

The biggest problem that this film has is that, somehow, it must reach a conclusion. The closing section deteriorates into something approaching slapstick. It will fail to convince any but the most unsophisticated audiences and was a most unsatisfactory way to end the film.