Logan's Run: Directed by Michael Andersona jpoc movie review
Pretty to look at but nothing to get your teeth into.
Main Cast
Michael York Logan 5, Sandman
Richard Jordan (I) Francis, Sandman
Jenny Agutter Jessica
Roscoe Lee Browne Box
Farrah Fawcett Holly
Michael Anderson Jr. Doc, New You Facility
Peter Ustinov Ballard (The Old Man)
My Rating & viewing notes
Three out of ten.

This movie has been shown regularly on TV since the late seventies. It is even shown, with careful editing of the more revealing scenes, as an afternoon movie!

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My review
Logan's run is set in the twenty third century when people have retreated from a world damaged by war and pollution to live in a closed city that is dedicated to youth, leisure and beauty. The city runs everything, the only catch is that nobody lives beyond thirty. At this age, people enter a process called renewal in which they are alleged to have a chance of rebirth on the Carousel which is really a cull of anyone reaching that age.

Not everyone accepts this and the scheme is enforced by the Sandmen who catch those who decide to escape the renewal process by running. A group of citizens tries to assist those who would run by providing a path out of the city to a place known only as sanctuary. Fearing this development, the computer that runs the city instructs one Sandman, Logan (Michael York) to run and to try to find and destroy the sanctuary. He is asissted by Jessica (Jenny Agutter) who is one of the rebels.

The computer accelerates Logan's life-clock to the point of "Last Day" when he must go to Carousel and Jessica believes that he is a genuine runner. She will assist Logan in his quest for sanctuary but she must convince the other rebels that he is a genuine runner. At the same time, Logan's friend and fellow Sandman Francis (Richard Jordan) is pursuing Logan.

Of course, it is fairly easy to predict that Logan will reach sanctuary but the question of what exactly it will be and the nature of the inevitable confrontation between Logan and Francis does at least hold some suspense.

Mostly though the film is eye candy. The plot does not deliver anything of real interest and none of the acting actually reaches the level of character development. Moreover, the whole script is totally devoid of any wit. As something pretty to watch though, the film is a success. The futuristic sets (much of the movie was actually shot inside seventies shopping malls) are believable. Less believable but equally good to look at is the fact that the twenty third century seems to have lost the technology needed to produce women's undergarments.

Apart from the three main characters, nobody else really gets much of a look in. Roscoe Lee Browne is burried in his disguise as Box the robot, Farrah Fawcett plays Holly the dumb blonde with big hair, Michael Anderson Jr. is Doc, a sort of Liberace moonlighting as a plastic surgeon and Peter Ustinov is the last man alive outside the city. These characters are all there but do not make any real impact on the movie.

Logan's run is loosely based on a novel of the same name but the film was changed partly for reasons of cost and partly becaused the chosen cast were all far older than the 21 year cut off point in the book.

It's worth watching if it is on TV but it is not worth paying for a tape or DVD.