Love Serenade Miranda Otto, Rebecca Frith, George Shevtsov. Director Shirley Barrett a jpoc movie review

A sharp comedy of manners from Australia.

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Four out of ten.

I saw this film on the 29th of June in 1997 at the UGC Acropole in Brussels. It was part of "La Fete du Cinema" and, although this is not really my choice of comedy some parts had me laughing aloud.

My review

Dimity & Vicki-Ann Hurley (Otto & Frith) are two sisters living in a small "nothing ever happens here" town called Sunray in Australia. They are a pair of misfits and they often fail to get on together but they are sisters and sticking together is important to them. One thing that they both share is that they are single and are looking for a man. Then one day big-city DJ Ken Sherry (Shevtsov) moves to town. Not just to town but he moves in next door to the sisters.

The movie revolves around the attempts of each sister to to claim Ken as her man. Ken meanwhile is not interested in being claimed but he enjoys his dalliance with and manipulation of both women. This leads to conflict between the sisters and their relationship is sorely strained but, in the end, it is more important to them than Ken.

That's the plot and there is not a lot to it and there is not a lot going on in the way of sub-plots either but the point of the movie is the humour especially in the relationship between the sisters as each tries a new ruse to win Ken's attention.

Otto and Frith do a fine job here. A comedy double act demands a lot and most of the really successful ones have been between long established twosomes. Otto and Frith have not done this sort of thing together before and yet they deliver a series of gags both scripted and visual with real polish.

Shevtsov too does a fine job as the DJ who is past his best and, knowing this, looks for a small pond in which he is able to be a big fish.

My only real criticism is that the film is a little too long. It certainly does not need one hundred minutes to tell the story and the film would have more punch if some of the slower parts and weaker gags were cut.