JPOC's movie review ratings
This is the jpoc movie review ratings page. Here you can see how I decide on the rating that I will give to a movie.

I rate all of the movies here on a 1-10 basis. A film has to be very good indeed for me to award it 7 or more out of ten. Here is an explanation of the rankings:

1 If you are at home and bored and it's on the TV, it is still not worth watching.

2 Not worth paying to rent on DVD or video.

3 Worth paying to get a cheap copy from a second hand store.

4 Worth paying to get in but only go if there are no better films on. Worth buying from the bargain basement bins only.

5 Well worth going to see if you want a trip to the pictures but not worth making a special effort for.

6 Worth a special effort in order to see this film. Worth paying full price for the DVD or video

7 Among the best films you will see all year. Even if you only buy one DVD a month, you should have this.

8 The sort of film that is "film of the year" even in a good year. This movie should be in everyone's collection.

9 Only a handful of films are better than this. Go and buy a copy now.

10 Classic, one of the best films ever made. Tell your SO that I told you that this movie justifies that new HDTV set up.

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