The Thomas Crown Affair Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo Director: John McTiernan a jpoc movie review

Feels like "made for TV"

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Three out of ten.

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This film has an odd feel. It comes with a very big name star and clearly a significant, if not "Star Wars" sized budget yet the outcome has the feel of a typical made for TV movie just one step up from a glamour soap such as Dallas.

The plot loosely follows the original film of which this is a remake. Thomas Crown (Brosnan) has a vast fortune, an interest in the finer things in life and strange ways of getting excitement. He is shown placing huge bets on a single golf stroke and wrecking an expensive racing yacht just for entertainment.

When a priceless painting is stolen from a museum, he is an immediate suspect. But why? Clearly he has no need to steal it for the money. Would he want it in order to gloat in a private gallery? Perhaps the theft was staged just for the excitement it would give him?

At this point, Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) turns up. She is the cool insurance investigator sent in to help track down the painting. Even if you have not seen the original version of this film you can quickly work out that she and Crown will head for the sack. But why? The whole interaction between the two is played with so little emotion that you wonder if Banning is simply using her body to tempt Crown into an indiscretion and is Crown just playing another risk running game for excitement?

Whichever way, the relationship between the two is not at all interesting and indeed, little actually happens to maintain interest in the middle section of the film. The two robberies in the film (one at either end) are really the only eye catching moments and they do not make up for the rest. If the majority of the film is "Dallas" for the big screen, the robberies are pure "A Team" material.