Trainspotting: Ewan McGregor, Danny Boyle (Dir) a jpoc movie review

A black comedy about heroin addiction.

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Eight out of ten.

This was my "film of the year" when it came out. It helped that I saw it with French and Dutch sub-titles. That meant that I could work out what the actors were saying. That was a real issue with many audiences outside the British Isles.

My review

Based on a novel by Irving Welsh, this film focusses on the adventures of a small band of friends united by their dependency on heroin. They have good times and bad times and eventually, they set out on a scheme to make them all rich.

The characters are, in no way, every day people but the film makes them all believable and, in the end the viewer finds that they are relating to the characters and caring about the outcome. Despite the hysteria that reeted this film in the UK's conservative press, in no way does it glorify the use of heroin. Instead it paints a pretty offputting picture of the drug.

The film ranges from sad to funny and it is always gripping. A great film.