Twin Town: Directed by Kevin Allen
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Poor man's "Trainspotting".

Main Cast
Llyr Ifans Julian Lewis
Rhys Ifans Jeremy Lewis
Huw Ceredig Fatty Lewis
William Thomas Bryn Cartwright
Martin Ace Rocking Sikh
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My Rating & viewing notes

Four out of ten.

The only other point of interest in the film is that it marks the screen debut of evergreen Man band bass guitarist Martin Ace as the Rocking Sikh

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My review

Twins, Julian & Jeremy Lewis (Llyr & Rhys Ifans: real life brothers but not twins) are living a dismal life of petty crime and solvent abuse in South Wales. One day, their father Fatty Lewis (Huw Ceredig) is injured in an accident when he falls from the roof on which he is working. Bryn Cartwright (William Thomas) for whom Fatty Lewis is doing the roofing job refuses to pay any compensation and so the twins decide to seek revenge.

Cartwright does not take this lightly and events quickly spiral into an increasingly bizarre sequence of retributions.

The movie sets out to appeal strictly as a comedy and whether you like it or not will depend on how funny you find the humour which is somewhere between "Just William" and Viz. Some jokes such as the reference to the movie "The Godfather" in which the twins leave the head of a dog in their enemy's bed are very funny but too often, the jokes are a little juvenile and the action drags without good jokes.

Given the theme, setting and the presence of some of the Trainspotting team in the production staff for this film, it will inevitably be compared to the Scottish film. Twin Town fares poorly in the comparison. Mostly that is because all that it has are the jokes and they are not enough.