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Powerful Electric Blues
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Nine out of ten. If you like Clapton, Hendrix, Trout or Mayall, then listen to this.
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I was introduced to the music of Bernard Allison by the words "If you are into Walter Trout, you will like this." Then followed the song "I Just Came Back to Say Goodbye" from this album. I was rocked back by the sheer intensity and quality of the track.

It is the highlight here. It's the best rock song that I've heard for a very long time and I simply had to go out and buy the CD to hear the rest of the music.

The CD is mostly electric blues with flashes of other musical styles. Some of the songs are original while the others are the work of an assortment of musicians including of course Bernard's father Luther Allison.

Bernard Allison has a great guitar style. Combining blues lyricism with rock intensity in a manner closer to Hendrix than to Clapton. The only thing that lets him down a little is that his voice neither matches his musical style nor comes up to the standard of his playing.

His style will not appeal to traditional blues aficionados but it you appreciate Clapton, Hendrix and the like then this is a great CD. "I Just Came Back to Say Goodbye" is a song that everyone should listen to.