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It's a blast!

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My Rating

Seven out of ten.

Some great tracks here but a little let down by a few weak ones.

My review

This remastered CD with a selection of bonus tracks is an interesting blast of Celtic rock. The general music style is enthusiastic and freewheeling bounce-along pop but this does not always sit so well with the lyrics. This is particularly the case with the first group of songs.

My other main criticism is that several of the songs here go on for rather too long. Musically, they say what they have to say and then just start again and say it all again.

For me, the CD really got going with "The Storm" and "Harvest Home" these are two really good songs and if you are listening to some sample tracks to see if the CD is worth while, I'd suggest starting here rather than with the weaker opening group of songs.

Indeed, everything from this point on in the CD is good. It's not going to make a list of essential CDs that you must own but it is a fine introduction to the Band and I'd suggest to anyone that it is worth listening to. "Fields of Fire" is the highlight for me. The music is really fresh and interesting.

Because the bonus tracks are so good and add to the CD, it is worth getting this version even if it means getting it as an import.