Blondie: the jpoc reviews
Founded in 1974, Blondie lasted for just eight years but, for that time, they were one of the most successful and innovative popular music bands around. They recorded several number one hits including "Heart of Glass" which was one of the top selling singles of the seventies.

Everyone remembers several of their songs from the radio. They are still fresh enough to pick up airtime today. I'm not going to describe the music because I am sure that you already know it and anyway, it is pretty well impossibkle to categorise as it spans so many genres.

That variety was one of their great strengths. It always sounded like "Blondie" music but you would never buy one of their albums and think that half of the tracks sounded the same.

In 1999 they reformed to record a new album and to tour and in 2001, their back catalogue is being re-released as remastered CDs replete with multiple bonus tracks.

Look below for some of my reviews of their albums and check my Blondie discography for a list of all of their albums.

They have an official homepage here.

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