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One of the best punk albums of all time
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Ten out of ten. Hard to see how they could have improved on this.
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London Calling is one of the very best punk rock releases of all time. Simple as that. Originally released on vinyl as a double album, it is now available on one, remastered CD. Nineteen tracks and over an hour of some of the finest rock from the late seventies.

While it is usually categorised as a punk album, London Calling contains a very large range of musical styles. What is really impressive about this melange is that the music still feels as though it belongs together. Much credit for this diversity with coherence should go to the producer Guy Stevens. He had produced Mott the Hoople earlier in the seventies and, on a couple of the tracks, you could almost imagine that you were listening to Ian Hunter and co.

The title song, now enjoying a new lease of life as a result of exposure in the movie Billy Elliot, is straight down the line punk and it is my favourite track here. It is followed by a slew of really great songs ranging in style from the musical whimsy of "Jimmy Jazz" to the Reggae of "Rudy Can't Fail."

These tracks, which made up the first half of the original double album release are splendid indeed. Other highlights from the first half include "Lost in the Supermarket" and "Spanish Bombs".

While nothing on the second half is poor, there are far fewer real gems there. That does invite criticism that the band should have been more selective in the material that was released but I'm more than happy to have all of these songs.

If you are seeking an introduction to the band, or even to the punk genre, this album will do you nicely.