Mike Oldfield: the jpoc reviews
Mike Oldfield will always be thought of chiefly as the man who burst to fame with Tubular Bells and then sank back into relative obscurity. With Tubular Bells, he created something that nobody had ever thought of before and, to the surprise of the record companies, it found a huge market. The trouble was, most of the people who bought Tubular Bells only really wanted one record that sounded just like Tubular Bells and sales of subsequent releases tailed off and Oldfield faded from mass view.

While it was not a correct picture, the wide perception of him as a one hit wonder was reinforced by the fact that the only things to gain any real exposure were the various revivals of Tubular Bells in orchestral, remastered or whatever format.

The reality is that Oldfield created a lot more than just Tubular Bells and you can check out what is available from amazon.com or amazon.co.uk
Ommadawn Disappointed many after the first two albums.
Five Miles Out Liked the music. Shame about the lyrics.
Crises Best work by Oldfield in the eighties.
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