Faking Frozen Pizza
Frozen pizza is a great idea. Anyplace where there is a supermarket, you can find a choice of base styles and toppings and that choice is sometimes so wide as to be verging on intimidation. Cooking is simplicity itself. As long as you can turn on an oven and measure a time interval, you can do the job.

There is a problem though. Even the best frozen pizzas have the edge taken off the flavours because of the freezing of the vegetables. Happily, there is a lot of scope for doing something about this.

The easiest thing of all is just to sprinkle some herbs over the top of the pizza. Ideally, you should do this about five minutes before it will be cooked but you still get most of the benefit if you do it when you put the pizza into the oven in the first place. I'd suggest using the mixture known as "Herbs de Provence" as it seems to go with anything and adds a nice fresh taste to the dish.

My next suggestion is a little bit more work. You need to chop up some fresh vegetables and put them on the pizza. Onions, chillies, peppers and garlic can just be chopped up and sprinkled on the top. You can do the same with mushrooms but, depending on what you have and your own tastes, you might like to fry them for a minute or two first.

Once you have done all of that, you may well like to sprinkle a little grated cheese over the top. Not so much that you drown everything though.

You can also experiment with tinned food. While the flavours are not so good as fresh, it is still normally an improvement. Canned Tuna (or Salmon) often tastes better than the frozen material that you get on most pizzas. A sprinkling of sweetcorn is worth trying as it will add some variety to the colours.

Give it a go, see what you like.

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