Peaches with Peanut Butter
Now this is recipe that you will not find in any books! It is very simple to prepare and it makes a delightful addition to a main course. I don't think that I'd try it as a starter but on the plate, nestling up to some meat, it is really very good indeed.
You will need (per person):
One peach.

Two rounded teaspoons of peanut butter.

Two whole hazelnuts.

And, this is what you do!
Cut the peach in half and remove the stone.

Place a rounded teaspoonful of peanut butter in the stone-hole of each peach and then embed the hazelnut in the peanut butter.

Bake in the oven next to the meat at gas mark six for fifteen minutes.

To Serve
Remove from the oven and serve HOT!
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