Advertising on the jpoc web site

My plan for this site has always been to fund it from advertising income. Initially, my intention was to participate in the Tripod Builder Bucks programme but, when that was closed to new members, I had to look around.

One attraction of the Tripod programme was that the ads were run outside the control of the individual webmasters. Nobody could feel that my site was in any way pandering to its advertisers if I didn't know who they would be from one page impression to the next.

I'm afraid that the online ad market has changed and that strategy no longer works. Advertisers are becoming more demanding and they want to be able to target their ads to website with particular content and visitor demographics. That makes it inevitable that I play some part in the selection of advertisers for my site. So, all I can say is that you will have to take my integrity on trust.

For similar reasons, I have also decided to update my policy on affiliate programmes. You can read about that on my new affiliate policy page.

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