Originality and copyright on the jpoc web site
Everything that is written here is down to me. Of course, I get advice from people who know things and facts from other reference material but the words that you read are mine.

If you read a restaurant review here, I dined there.

Similarly, all the books and CDs, I have read or listened to myself.

Now, although you are free to read everything here, without charge, I still retain the copyright to everything.

Unless I give permission, you may not copy anything here into another publication or onto another website. Doing so, is a violation of my copyright and I may take action against anyone doing so.

Of course, you may link to these pages and I won't get upset if you email a page to a friend without web access as long as you tell them where you got the information from.

Please note what I just wrote, you may link to these pages. What you most certainly may not do, is link to any image file that is normally displayed within one of my pages. That costs me money for bandwidth, I view it as theft, I check my log files to keep on top of this problem and I take action without warning. For example, suppose, as somebody once did, that you decide that it would be cool to use a picture on my site to illustrate your auction on ebay. You might be a little upset to see that the image has been replaced with a very large gif saying that you are a bandwidth thief. If you would like to use one of the images on this site, just copy it to your own site and use your own bandwidth to display it. Thanks.

If you want to link to my pages and would like me to link to yours in return then just ask. I will almost certainly do so unless it would break my constraints on linking to sites with unacceptable content.

Finally, you should be aware that this web site is funded by the advertising that appears on the site. I do not permit folks to read my site if they are running software that prevents the advertisement from being displayed on their browser. I'm not referring to the practice of turning off all images to speed up web surfing I mean software that interferes with the display of advertising banners.

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