Moving the jpoc web site

Why move the site?

I started out with this web site on the tripod free hosting service. It's a great service and I was happy to stay there except for one problem. When I started the site, tripod was offering a reward scheme by which they would pay site builders a fee related to the traffic attracted by the site. The economics were simple, more traffic means more ads displayed by tripod for their advertisers and the fee was paid for out of the advertising sales income. Yes I was hoping to make some money from the site.

Eventually, I reached a level, in terms of traffic at which the site qualified for payments but, just at that point tripod restricted the service to US residents and subsequently they closed the scheme to new applicants altogether.

I was frustrated but spurred on by this. So, I investigated the possibility of raising income for the site from another advertising service. The first thing that I discovered was that I would not easily be able to sell adspace while I was still on a free host such as tripod and so I decided to move my site to a paid hosting service with its own domain and that is why we are here.

How is the move going?

Well, I am happy to report that all of the pages are now on the new site and the new site has no links back to the old one. This required a fair bit of work and some sneaky redirection of domains but it is done.

I still have to tidy up a few links here and there but all of the urgent tasks are complete.

As for the advertising revenue, well, I am just about at the point where it is covering the fees for site hosting and domain registration. Hardly riches!

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