The jpoc guide Website advertising income for small websites

Welcome to the jpoc guide to online advertising for small websites. Here I want to tell you everything that I can about making money from a small website. The good news is that even very small sites can make money from their traffic but there are some limits.

Web site size or traffic level.

There are two factors that affect the size of website that can make money from ads. The most obvious is that it is normal for the ad agencies to have some form of minimum traffic level before they will accept a site. The agencies that accept small sites tend to stipulate something like 3000 or 5000 ad impressions per month. There are however some agencies that will accept sites with no limits on the traffic level.

Even with these sites, there is still an effective limit on site traffic. This limit is that all ad agencies have a minimum payment level. Typically that will be in the $25-$50 range and if your site serves less than 3000 pages per month, you are not going to see a payment for over a year so why bother?

Getting paid for ads on a free site

Back in the good days of website advertising, it was possible to put your pages up on a free site and get a share of the advertising income. In 2001, the last two big sites running such a scheme closed either the scheme or their free hosting service altogether.

Now, the only way for a webmaster to make money from a site on a service such as tripod is to use their in house commission based affiliate sales programme. These can work if your site happens to be a good fit for the programme but you will need a lot of traffic to see much of an income.

The current state of the market

Right now, at the start of 2001 things are poor but not so bad as in the last part of 2000.

All those dot coms that went bust are no longer buying ads all over the internet. Also, all of the ones that survived have been trying to reduce their rate of cash burn. This has certainly hit one of the biggest areas of growth in Internet advertising. However, all is not lost. I read in the FT that the actual number of paid ads is increasing but not as fast as before. The reason that there is a problem is that the number of page views is increasing faster still.

More to come soon!

Over the coming weeks, I shall add lots more information about all aspects of website advertising so keep checking in for the latest information.

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