Baron Pilars Argentina Mendoza 2000
Baron Pilars is one of the largest importers and bottlers in Germany and this is one of their cheapest wines. It comes from Mendoza, on the opposite side of the Andes to the main wine areas of Chile.

It has a slightly musty off taste a little like peanut butter gets when it has been around for too long but don't get me wrong, that is not a catastrophe in this wine. The balance of acid and tannin is better than in many low priced wines and you can certainly pay twice this for S.American wine that is not so good.

For the price I'd rather go for the 2000 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo from Plus but this is an honest alternative as a drinkable wine on a budget.

Wine rating 4/10. Value rating 0
The details:

DeM2.99 from the Jibi in Germany.

Baron Pilars Argentina Mendoza 2000
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