Captain Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Shiraz 2007
Well, more fool me. I was caught short - I needed to go to the baumarkt after work but also, I was running short of wine. Fixing that last bug at work took longer than I hoped so I only had one option for a shop. I decided to go to the DIY shop and take pot luck on a bottle of wine from their bargain bins.

I should have gone to the supermarket instead and left the baumarkt for another day.

This wine was not fit for drinking. It would be fit for cooking only if you were not going to eat the food or give it to anyone you care for.

Wine rating 1/10. Value rating: poor - at least you can buy undrinkable wine for a higher price if you get really unlucky.

Captain Selection Cabernet Sauvignon - Shiraz 2007
Wine of Australia
Bottled by? Well, they are at least not stupid enough to put that on the label.
Euro 1.99 from Toom in Germany in April 2009.
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